Since my husband will be home guarding our house while we are on da Road, 
I don't mind publishing our basic Itinerary on da Net.
  • We depart on the June 18th
  • We will go through Arkansas and visit the crystal mines and dig up stuff
  • We will go through KANSAS and enjoy the great plains
  • We will be in Denver, go to the Natural History Museum, and may go to up to Morrison's in Red Rock for yum.
  • Then, it's off to Estes Park where we will visit a family tradition:  Cheley Colorado Camps where I hope that da Creature will be able to go someday and da Sister will work at next summer.  WE LOVE CHELEY!!!!
  • Then, we'll head out to Wyoming, and spend a whole driving day in
dum da da dum......

  • After an exhausting day of driving through the living post card that is Yellowstone, we will spend the night in Jackson Hole.
  • We will go to Salt Lake (da Creature and da Sister are visiting a different kids' attraction each day this week).
  • After a full week attending the CMAA's Sacred Music Colloquium,
  • we will go to Arches National Park and spend the night in Moab, Utah.
  • Then, it's down to New Mexico (my old stompin' grounds) to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu so that da Sister and da Creature can do THIS
  • (They are very excited)
  • Then we will visit da Creature's extended "family" in Roswell
  • Then we will go to Carlsbad.
  • After that, we will head across the vast expanse of Texas toward home.


  1. It sounds like an amazing trip. Can't wait to hear all about it! Joy

  2. OK, are we having fun yet? I hope you find a diamond in Arkansas!!!