May 28, 2012

da Creature's Garden, or "How do your Triffids Grow?"

Growth is inevitable.

Sometimes, growth is perceptible.

Then there is da Creature's Garden, where growth is a little bit reminiscent of Sci Fi horror flicks.

Every day we go out there and things are proliferating and giantizing (there is substantial growth one can SEE every four hours or so...creepy creepy creepy).  We are convinced that if you stand still for a bit, the cucumber plant is going to grab hold of you.    For instance...this cucumber was two inches shorter just yesterday morning:

So, da Creature is quite proud.  That picture is of his seedling from science at school.  He was absolutely the best in class at growing cucumber seeds, and so the result had to, of course, migrate to our kitchen table when it was no longer part of science class, and here we are, a few scant weeks later, and I find myself wondering, "whatever will I do with this massive proliferation of pickles?"  :)

Then there is the corn.  He insisted on planting corn.  We warned him that da Mama wasn't gonna till the whole back yard so he could have corn and that it didn't like standing up all alone and that we wouldn't be here when it "corned" but still....he HAD to have corn.  So there is his corn, all staked and tied up in unnatural contraptions so it won't blow over in the wind.  It is now beginning to flower.  It's huge already and causing the occasional Triffid nightmares. 

He loves gardening.  I love basil and oregano and making super de dooper pasta, so he tolerates my herbs in his tomato, corn, and cucumber garden.  The rosemary tree which interferes with his gardening gets pruned each year to allow sunlight to get to the tomatoes.  But I know, come winter, when I want to make PORK or ROASTED POTATOES, that I'll have fresh rosemary and the tomatoes will be compost.  Corn?  I scoff at you, da Creature.

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