April 29, 2012

First Communion---Super Happy Day!!!

After a whole year of waiting and studying and practicing and waiting some more; after sitting around for 20 WHOLE minutes in the chapel, wearing shoes that hurt and a suit that was so huge that even the seamstress at the tux shop had trouble getting all of it tucked under and pressed, and after lots and lots and lots of people telling him HOW TO ACT RIGHT....

da Creature has finally gotten to take COMMUNION with the Church.  He tried so hard to be calm, but around the sermon things began to be a bit dicey...he was hot, his feet hurt, it was boring, he wanted a drink of water, he decided he'd "just get a blessing" (which we don't do anyway, and was one of those da Creature departure from reality moments) but things did settle down again once he got back from taking Communion for the first time and he could ditch the suit coat.

My favorite moment was, of course, the important one, but the most memorable will always be the one that happened right before we took this picture in front of the C.O.U.S. (Crucifix of Unusual Size)....

Notice where the feet of the giant Jesus are relative to the height of da Creature.  He bent over, stuck his face on the giant feet, kissed them and said:

"I'm gonna smell the feet of Jesus now."
Never a dull moment.

Not a single one.

Life with my funny, furry blur of a creature is so incredibly special, and I love him SO VERY MUCH.  Congratulations, my little angel...we made it to one of the big milestones and you were splendid.  Just splendid.  Even when you're bent over smelling Jesus's feet.   :)

Here's a very short slideshow with the highlights of the day:

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