March 26, 2012

Sproing, Ka-boom


The uncontrolled and chaotic decay of machinery and wooden windows all had to happen here in our house simultaneously.  Nevermind that it's expensive, let's just focus right now on what REALLY matters... da Creature didn't like it, not one little bit.

We couldn't park in the garage. We had to walk through the yard in squishy wet muddy rainy guck.  da Creature was not so happy about these things.  Then, on cue...the long awaited replacement of windows snuck up on us, and though a VERY happy change, it was still change.

From the first disconcerting moments of "walk-through" living room, to all ten windows' worth of non-functioning mini-blinds going into the trash, it was so much for my little guy to take in.  When he came in and wandered through the house, there were gasps and then the inevitable backlash of "WHY DID YOU DO THAT MOMMY?"  I guess if you've never considered the possibility that windows are not just a permanent backdrop for your life, but can be removed, discarded, ripped apart and replaced, you find yourself at an existential crossroads....what else is not permanent???!? 

So, we have been through the rabbit hole and back.  While we were there, we got out of the house some, especially while the garage door took a week and a half to be repaired.  One of the places we went was the Petrified Forest in Flora.  da Creature liked da froggy--

While out and about, I got a shot of my favorite tree in FULL bloom.  It's a Granny Greybeard, and they are disappearing, at least around here.  They make me SO happy in the spring.  This one graces the front lawn of First Baptist Church and it is a delight. 

Enjoy your Spring, and remember, that when things are at their most DISRUPTED
change isn't so bad when there are flowers involved.  :)

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