March 2, 2012

Sensory Friendly Costuming

So, sewing was OUT of the question, to continue the story from Wednesday, but in my former life before I became da Mama to da Creature, I did a fair amount of costume design, so making a Lorax wasn't really a problem, except....

His sensory nuttiness.  A mustache? Out of the question.  Eyebrows? Glued on? Out of the question.  Wear an orange bag, ties drawn in at his thighs? Out of the question.

What to do then?  Make a mustache on a stick, and eyebrows on a head band.  Make his "orange bag" body out of a pillow case, and have it all removable, discardable, breakable, and rippable.

The mustache and eyebrows are a deconstructed flower from Walmart.  The rest is just the pillow case and an orange t-shirt.  The insufferable know-it-all character was provided by da Creature.  Type casting, much?  *laugh track now*