March 5, 2012

The Park of FUN and DOOM

They built this amazing new park near us.  It has a lot of interesting things to do, but the moment we set foot in it, I knew it held untold dangers for da Creature.  I had intended to post this right after we went for the first time, but the pictures were on my phone, and well, it has taken several months for me to feel like making my phone talk to my computer to retrieve them.

But Saturday, da Creature and da Sister went to da Park as a reward for several consecutive good days of doing ALL our work, and she noticed that this slide (the one I had most worried about, ironically) was awash with caution tape and blocked off.  So, my question is...who thought this was a good idea to begin with, in this day of lawsuits and CYA, this seems like an extraordinary risk for a recreational facility to take.  Honestly, I thought it was really nifty, but probably doomed, even for the NT crowd.   But, nonetheless, the park has been a blast for da Creature and I am grateful they made it for our community.

Pics from right after it opened in November---

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