March 6, 2012

A girl can dream, right?

OT room at school? Well-supplied?  With the child being taught to self-regulate by requesting really well-applied sensory breaks with the proper equipment? A girl can dream...

Excellent post on SPD Network GO READ CLICK HERE

So, what is the impediment to having a straight-up, legit OT room?  Probably funding.  Why is there a funding issue?  Beats the heck out of me.  It only took me about $700-$800 to fully equip my living room with OT equipment, so you'd think in a school that probably spends that in xeroxing each week, they'd be able to help out the Special Ed dept. and get them the things they need, but so far, equipment and a dedicated therapy room are just sort of "on the list" of things we'd all like.

How can we imitate THIS?
I'm no good at lobbying or getting political, but you'd think in a world where so many children are being impacted by the ravages of SPD, and the benefits to be had by incorporating GOOD OT into the daily life of school, well, one would think it would be a priority.  I pity the teachers who are trying their best to work with our SPD kids and never have the benefit of calm, collected, focused kids because the sensory needs can't be adequately addressed.  *sigh*

The kids in the above post have it really really good.  Lucky for them, dreaming still for mine.   Someday.


  1. Will it help the students pass mandated state testing? Who's going to pay for the staff member to be in the OT room? How will the child get from the room to the classroom? And of course, the liability....

    The priority is to pass the state tests. Period.

  2. true

    It's a pity, though. A few of the really smart aspie's, if they were up to their full potential, could probably shift a whole school's stats over five years. If, because it is difficult and expensive to teach them, they are not able to fully contribute at testing time,

  3. hmmm...didn't finish my sentence or my thought up there. I guess that's the despair monster seeping in...

    If, because, etc. THEN, they will drag the stats down most likely.