February 15, 2012


da Creature has a talent I have not yet successfully transformed into something useful, so I am pondering more ways to shove it through the membrane which divides how he thinks and moves and has his being from how the "NT" world thinks and moves and observes his being...

He can remember the contents of video game guides.  No, not just sort of, but he can recall AND apply EVERY single character name, power, enemy, map, sequence, and weapon.

We know this because for years, as his sister completes each new game to her 100% plus, as she is obsessed and compelled to do, he can tell her what to do before she looks at the guide, tell her the names of characters no one cares about because they are so insignificant, and tell her what weapons work and what don't.  He's been uber convenient, if not a little creepy.

At first, I thought this could make him a new kind of hero---the SUPER CATHOLIC, who could remember all the saints, their days, their symbols, their martyrdom details, but, sadly, no...there wasn't a game guide for the Saints (WE NEED THIS, and a SAINTS VIDEO GAME, too, btw).

So, if he wasn't to be the next Catholic trivia star, what on earth could I do with such a specific talent/obsession?

For the moment at least, I've decided that I'll just keep buying him books to basically memorize and wait until a reason to do so emerges from the crazy world that is da Creature.    So if you are playing Pokemon, Zelda, Lego anything, Okami, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., or Yoshi's Island, and would prefer NOT to have to buy a book or use it, give me a call, his consulting rate is $20 an hour, and he could use the money.

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