February 24, 2012

Planning the Great American Vacation with da Creature

This should be, er, "exciting."

We are going to drive CROSS COUNTRY this summer.  From Mississippi to Wyoming to Salt Lake City to New Mexico to Carlsbad to San Antonio and back to Mississippi.

I feel so intimidated by the prospect.  Terrified, to be honest.  Though he rides fairly well, and we've driven to Chicago twice, St. Louis four times, and spend seven hours quite often in the car going to OT and back, the prospect of being DAYS away from home and his controlled environment scares the ever-living-bageezus outta me.

So, I will be blogging the adventure.  Because then at least, I'm not entirely alone while we manage meltdowns and hotel rooms that smell funny and "where'd all the trees go, Mommy?" questions and food we didn't plan on and all the various things that an SPD, Asperger's child will chaotically do/say/scream about along the way.  Wish me luck.  I'm taking advice, btw....if you have experience in these matters.  We cannot afford a Winnebago, so it's us and our Honda Accord and the road and hopefully a few campgrounds to save money along the way.  Did I mention that I'm a paranoid control freak?  Did I? 

breathe in
breathe out
breathe in
breathe out

Wait, we WERE trying to get to Albuquerque?
So, we'll be seeing you from the ROAD in June.  At the very least it will be constantly interesting.  At best, he'll walk away with all those concrete memories he deeply craves---"Yellowstone is steamy, the Rocky Mountains smell like vanilla, Eastern Kansas, New Mexico and West Texas are FLAT, Salt Lake City has a SALT LAKE and it tastes funny, Abiquiu has purple rocks, Taos is full of ART, Carlsbad smells like wet dog and sounds like dripply drops, San Antonio has UNDER stuff..."   Since he doesn't visualize well...he won't have to.  God bless cars, and God bless gas prices, and God bless us.

And yes, this means he gets to go to (da Creature phone home?):

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