February 29, 2012

Oh, the Assumptions You'll Make

If you were sitting in my kitchen this morning, you would have heard the following exchange between da Creature and da Mama---

da Creature:   "It's Dr. Seuss day on Friday."
da Mama:   "Really?  Does that mean y'all are dressing up?"
da Creature:  "Yep, and I'm going as the Lorax."
da Mama:  "Really?  *pause*  Um, how's that gonna work?"
da Creature:  "You have a sewing machine."


  1. My father once got saddled with repairing a whole kindergarten's worth of tom-toms thanks to my adoring "Daddy can fix them. My Daddy can fix ANYTHING."

    1. Ah, love...it's such a funny thing... :) We love them, and they idolize us, then we do these insane things, like pull out a sewing machine on a week when I'm crazy busy, and start figuring out how to design the niftiest Lorax costume ever to grace the halls of an elementary school, and the decision is made to "sleep when we're dead". You're dad, me...loonies for love.

  2. My mom once sliced a gash in her finger (I remember there being LOTS AND LOTS of blood, but I was 8, I'm gonna have to call her and see what she remembers) trying to make me a kite out of stuff we had in our apartment. Looking back on it now, we probably couldn't afford to buy a kite.

  3. Little Brother makes me laugh so much...He is about the funniest little person ever!