July 6, 2011

The Things We Do for Love

HRH da Creature's Transport Device
In order to drive HRH da Creature all over the place this summer for various forms of therapy and testing, we could go no further without reliable, safe transport.  Being something of a Dave Ramsay girl by nature, da Mama was just crushed that we had to take out a *gasp* car loan, but there weren't a lot of other options, so here we are:  we now have safe, reliable transport, and Farnsworth is his name. 

It has been a God send, this new power I have to drive and not constantly fear that I will be sitting on the side of the road for three hours waiting on AAA to come and rescue us.  You can only imagine what it is like with an SPD child to have plans/routines profoundly disrupted while we all wait without any real idea how long on a tow truck to then be transported who knows where while Mommy spends a lot of time on the phone with grandpa and eventually we are given a ride to a rental car place, and well, you know the drill.... wait on repairs, find out repairs broke more things, empty your emergency fund over and over again while you regret ever owning a car, wondering at which point the cost/benefit ratio on ownership of the older car has PERMANENTLY exceeded its usefulness, etc...  ugh.

So, it has been an amazing blessing to just drive, da Creature happily in his new space in the back of Farnsworth, reading Pokemon guides, and watching his portable DVD player, or playing Pokemon with da Sister, who doesn't get as motion sick in this vehicle, just drive seven hours to and from OT, seven hours round trip to neurologist app'ts, just drive without fear or anxiety, fairly confident that my decision to go ahead and dive in the debt pool for a Honda was a worthy use of our resources.  It still irks me, though, when I write a check every month, but I'm so grateful it's getting less irksome.

The benefits of the better, higher quality OT and all the work we do each day are piling on.  He is calmer, better able to focus, better able to assimilate information and apply it in novel ways to new situations; he is less annoying (which apparently was always one of the proposed benefits, but since I didn't really care, I didn't notice until it was pointed out to me); he is thinner, which is strange but wonderful.  He knows it too, knows things are better.

Love is like this, I guess.  You move heaven and earth, you have faith, you cling to each other, and you risk more than you're comfortable with on the hope that good things come to those who work and wait and work some more.   ONWARD little creature, you are loved splendiferously.  :)