June 18, 2011

OT Exercises, LEVEL THREE!!!

da Creature is so happy, he has made it to LEVEL THREE.

So, he is doing his core exercises twice a day still, and we have added the following things:


Spin Remember GO!

For this one, I call a number sequence (the little bean bags have the numbers 1-12 on them) and he spins for 20 seconds, then has to pick up the sequence in order one at a time and put the bean bag in the bucket.  Right now, the sequences are three numbers long, but he is getting better FAST, so we'll go to five number sequences soon.  You spin clockwise, then the second one is counterclockwise, and you just make sure you end on clockwise.  Again...see disclaimer:

NOTE:  all the exercises we are using were custom-chosen by da Creature's OT, and are specific to HIS needs as determined by lengthy (and *cough* expensive) evaluations.  This blog is about DIS CREATURE'S journey through the spectrum of fun, and not intended to address the needs of ANY OTHER CREATURES.  Got it?  MY Creature's stuff.  You can always tell your OT that you like the ideas and ask, but no theivin' and then gripin', OKAY?  Thanks, the mgmt.

We also added a few more ball games on BOSU ball... AND the target contraption arrived!!!

Catch w/ 2 hands, throw w/ 1
(It was so poorly engineered and not functional I had to go through and make rigid supports to fully expand it and get it to work, but hey, what do you expect from the internet?)

Paddle Thwap
The next paddle on bosu ball exercise is "Paddle Thwap".  He uses the non-sticky side of the paddle to hit balls back into the sofa.  This is how this goes... "You hit me" (da Sister)  "giggle giggle giggle" (da Creature) "Aim for the sofa" (da Sister again, patient as ever) "OUCH!" (not nearly as patient)  *giggle giggle giggle*  His aim is definitely improving.  (da Mama smiles secretly to herself)

No, really, the grey one IS the smallest, right?
The joys of internet roulette also brought us an interesting addition to our family of balance balls.  The packing slip says 53 cm.  The green one is 65 cm.  The grey one is 53 cm?  Seriously?  Yeah, right.  *eyeroll*.  I didn't return it, because what would have been the point?  So, now we have a giant ball.

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