June 13, 2011

Da Creature go SPIN! OT can be fun, too! :) :) :)

We are preparing to do our own spin work here at home, and I looked long and hard at available options, like the platform swing I could buy and attach to rafters in my living room, creating what appeared to me to be the largest giant dangerous object in my home ever, or, I could buy a tiny little poorly engineered board on a 12 inch lazy susan which was noisy and hard to work, OR----------

I could let the engineer make what he thought we ought to be doing, and apparently, it's ALL about the bearings.  This thing is AMAZING.  It's gonna double as a launch pad it runs so silently and effortlessly.  Now, warnings to the motion sick prone among my readers...this video might spin you queasy, but it starts with slow and then the last 30 seconds show it at FAST.  It moves like you wouldn't believe.

Da Creature and da Mama are both looking forward to getting his spin work started when we learn how tomorrow.   Once the headphones arrive, we're in BUSINESS.  So...here's my genius engineer's take on...Let's Go Round and Round:

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