January 19, 2011

I Love You

After a full day yesterday of stressing out because I have lost my child care person who has been there for us since he was an infant, I was back in da Mama despair at the inevitable losses it will make in my life.  If I have no child care, those last few things I was able to do for work will vaporize, and then it's just me, and hours of nothing but him.  The tiny tyrant.  The monarch of misery.  HRH da Creature.

Then, this morning, on his way to the back door to go to school, a rare moment, a glimpse into the mind of the inexplicable child...

....he paused, reached up and touched the dangling glass no-no gently, softly, almost tenderly and quietly said "I love you."

Words fail me.  The compassionate, ever-faithful love of God himself stops the world for just a moment, and I am reminded that it doesn't matter if I never direct a choir again.  I have a job.   His name is da Creature, and he matters to God.

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